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The Twelve Rays of Light

The Twelve Rays of Light are essential building blocks for our perception of realities. 

At this level they are vibrational expressions and architects of light frequency, 

color, and sound that compose our holographic grid of realities.

You might consider these Rays as our ‘Inner Light’ 

and a reflection of God/Source/Creator Essence.

The frequencies of each Ray hold archetypical energies that represent Divine expressions of thoughts and feelings. We identify with these frequencies according to our experiences (beliefs), feelings, and emotional energy. Since our universe is comprised of energy, it is possible to become imbalanced through individual and collective expressions of these energies in their dualistic states.

The following message is from Melchizedek: Channeled by David ~ July 12, 2017

“The rays are responsible for the newest type concept of string theory. 

They are the controllers of 12 vibrational sacred notes on your musical scale.

'We are the rays’… at this level there are no other vibrational expressions. 

Therefore draw your own conclusion: we are the building blocks of realities, 

there are no other building blocks or pieces missing in your holographic perception of realities. 

(Time Space Continuums) Anything that appears to be disharmonious, out of sync, 

or a dis-cord comes from your neurons (you).”

Saying this another way:

“Consciousness and Energy create the nature of Reality”    Ramtha

This Universal Energy is our fuel and source for Life. Some might call it Spirit, the energy that allows for our individual and collective expressions.   This energy is organized in accordance to how we think and feel.

Consciousness = Awareness.        Energy = Fuel or Source of Life

Our Inner Light/ Consciousness is manifested into physical form through our bodies according to our level of Energy. Therefore, what we choose to place in our Consciousness, and the nature of the energy we express, determines the form or outcome of the manifestations we will experience.

Ceremony for: The Twelve Rays of Light

A ceremony was performed on July 25th, 2017 to invoke the frequencies of each Ray 

through their governing Masters creating pools of energy that are now available 

for those who wish to enhance their Inner Light.

To read details on the outcome of this event and discover who else participated:, click below:

Resource for Ceremony: 

The Twelve Rays of Light: A Guide to the Rays of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

 by Natalie Sian Glasson

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