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Free Online Self-Discovery Course

Embracing the Truth of Your Divinity

A Personal Story of Self Discovery

Many  humans are awakening and realizing that they  can tap into and integrate their Inner Divinity and receive their Divine Spiritual Heritage.

Whether you have recently awakened or been on this path for  a while you will come to realize that the process is the same for everyone, yet the experiences may be different. 

Through this course, you will receive chapters from my book “Embracing the Truth of Your Divinity” and questions that will inspire inner contemplation and Self Awareness. I have discovered that getting to know Who I AM  was the first step to fully Coming Home to Myself.  Only when I become curious and bold enough to look inside was I able to see someone and something new.

You will receive one chapter at a time and upon completing the simple questions at the end; you will receive the next chapter. In this way, you will have time to ponder the questions and receive insights while Integrating Your Self Discoveries at your own pace. (Minimum 6 days - Maximum 6 weeks)

Simply request "Free Self-Discovery Course at: "Contact Us"

or email me at:

to begin your Journey of Personal Discovery.

My life has been quite a journey and I am absolutely amazed at the intricacy of which we as humans ARE and how we journey through our daily lives.  

As I have experienced the gifts of Nature and the Cosmos more deeply, I have FELT and Experienced a greater Spiritual Connection within Myself; resulting in a new heightened sense of Divine Communication and Communion.  Life has become Enjoyable... Synchronicities are ever-present.  

My Passion is to help YOU Connect to your Divine Soul/Spirit & Experience your life more fully as I AM.

Jacqueline Self, Soul/Spirit Discovery Facilitator & Co-founder of ONE-TLC

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