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Currently there are twelve member positions available for our Board of Directors; seven ethereal and five physical of which two are occupied.

The advisory board currently has no limit to the total membership.


Kuthumi was a teacher from the 19 century who lived mostly in Tibet. He channeled writings to Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society that resulted in many profound works. Kuthumi’s presence reminds us to “lighten up” and not take things so seriously and to not get caught up in the mind.

Quan Yin is the goddess and Mother of Compassion who is loved and revered throughout Asia. She is a beautiful expression of the Divine Mother and her presence reminds us to “forgive” and love the Soul Being that you ARE.

St. Germain was known as the “Wonder Man of Europe” in the late 1700’s. He spoke every language, traveled by thought, fed the poor, and worked for peace. He is most known for his work with The Violet Flame. St. Germain’s presence brings clarity and purpose aligning us with the mission of ONE-TLC.

Lady Nada is said to be the twin flame of Jesus. The name “Nada” means the voice of silence and also the receding of the personality into the nothingness, giving way to the Christ Self. Her symbol is the pink rose. Lady Nada’s presence gives us the strength of will to become like Christ… loving and uniting in the One Heart, the Heart of Christ.

El Morya was an Indian prince who taught the Masters Kuthumi and Djwal Khul in the 19th century. El Morya’s driving soul force is his Love for the will of God. He works for the upliftment of mankind with instilling a similar Love for the will of God. El Morya inspires us personally as well as others to pursue their creative endeavors… those that bring us JOY.

Isis is an Ancient Egyptian Goddess who was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife, as well as the patroness of Nature and Magic. Through Isis we have learned the importance of Nurturing; Nurturing of oneself, Mother Earth, and others.

Sananda is known as the Cosmic Christ who has now taken a position as World Teacher and is in charge of reforming today’s religion and creating a Universal Church of Truth. Sananda’s Presence has been a guiding force into knowing the depth of our souls and what it means to “Awaken to the Truth of our Divinity”.

Jackieis a co-founder of ONE-TLC and her greatest passion is to assist others in awakening to The Truth of Their Divinity. Her presence at ONE-TLC offers others the opportunities and experiences to connect in a Safe, Loving, Compassionate environment.

David is a co-founder of ONE-TLC whose main desire is to assist others in the Awakening process to their Divine Mastery. David’s presence at ONE-TLC offers opportunities for ALL to awaken to new ways of Believing, Feeling, and BEing that will expand ever-increasing levels of Joyful Conscious expressions.


Sitting Bull lived his earthly life as a Native American Warrior and Leader. He loved his people and would not compromise them or his culture, as the US Government would have liked him to. His Love and Presence is felt strongly here at ONE-TLC as we Honor his advice and requests to take care of Mother Earth and keep it “authentic”.

Melchizedek was a king and priest mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Melchizedek’s spiritual presence as an advisor for ONE-TLC offers deeper understanding and resonance with the Divine Mission of ONE-TLC.

Ramtha lived in the land of Lemuria 35,000+ years ago. He was a Warrior and led many great battles. He lived only one lifetime in which he reached Ascension in his later years. Ramtha’s strong presence guides us into “BEING” and taking the appropriate action to accomplish our tasks.

Andromeda Rex is an advanced Being of Light who wishes to ensure humanity that the Star Beings intentions are only to bring Peace and Harmony to a world that has outworn its old standards. Andromeda, who is balanced male/female is here to instill the importance of Balance in making any forward progress.

Siddhartha is said to be the last physical incarnation of Lord Buddha. His journey tells the story of the human plight and encourages all of us to look within and take notice of where we have been and where we are going. Also to know that when we reach that peaceful state of simplicity and release of suffering… we are Home.

Master Lanto is Chohan of the Six Ray of Light and radiates a deep sense of Devotion and Dedication that teaches us how to Connect with others with a deep sense of Love that creates an everlasting bond of Unity.

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