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Free Online "Self-Mastery" Intro Course

Begin the process of Becoming a

"Conscious/Unconscious Master"

This introductory study is designed to open

A Divine Dialogue with


(Definitions are provided in the course)

It is from an unpublished book called "Dear Cosmos" which is a culmination of articles I wrote and channeled for an online magazine.

“Many times I wonder and am even confused and puzzled as to just who or what I am, why I am really here on earth and how I can create the desires of my heart. Could you please shed some light on this?” 

“Is there a plan for my life? I mean did someone program my life before I was born and if so, am I destined to follow this agenda come hell or high water?”


“Sometimes it feels like parts of me don’t know what to believe anymore and at times I feel depressed or frustrated. Part of me wants to do ‘this’ and part of me wants to do ‘that’ and part of me just wants to go home… wherever that is. What’s wrong with me???”​ 

You will receive one chapter at a time and upon completing the simple questions at the end, you will receive the next chapter.  In this way, you will have time to ponder the questions and your insights; while integrating Your Self Discoveries at your own pace.

This is an advanced course however it will resonate with the whole family 

and it may confirm what many younger children already know.

We also HIGHLY recommend you first take the

"Free Self-Discovery Course".  

However... if you feel that your are ready for out-of-this-world

information, insights, and dialogue... Go-for-It!

Simply request "Free Self-Mastery Intro Course" at: "Contact Us"


or email me at:

to begin your Journey of Self-Mastery.

Namaste - I AM David/LE

For my Biography and Mission Statement

Questions were asked and presented to "Dear Cosmos"

(Spiritual Beings ~ God/Source/Energy) 

and the insights that were offered were documented. There is also Thought-Provoking questions for the reader to ponder.

This course is Dedicated to ALL Curious Souls on the path of

Enlightenment and Ascension.

It will help you discover the world you/You/YOU Consciously/Unconsciously are creating and how

You can become the Self-Master of your realities.

Here is a sample of the kinds of questions asked:

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