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The Carmine Connection

Home of ONE-TLC

This land carries the etheric imprint of the Native American culture.

It ALL started eons ago... and recently... The Founders re-discovered

their ongoing involvement as caretakers for this property throughout

 lifetimes as validated through enlightened indigenous beings.

Now... We're back to complete 'The Journey hOMe' and

create Journey Experiences for others to follow.

James 'Tommy' Self, former caretaker and partner of Jackie, held the Dream and Desire in his Heart to keep this land Natural & Authentic. He continues to support this vision while in Spirit.

In the year 2003 this property was 'Blessed' by Spiritual Advisor & Teacher Zoe Jarboe, who called forth forces of Nature and the Light to work in harmony so that Souls can bridge their Human Soul and Cosmic Spirit and RE-CONNECT.  It was during this Ceremony that Zoe

witnessed the vision of the Emerald Tablet.

On October 31st, 2011, Lucie Barnette performed a Medicine Wheel Ceremony calling forth Mother Nature and the Four Directions to aid in receiving personal messages from the Ancestors. 

Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack and Pat Fleury, WindsongSpiritperformed a Land Dedication Ceremony in 2013.  Through Golden Eagle’s communication with ‘The Holy Ones’ and the ‘Land’, the Creative Heart was initiated through Ceremony.

Hopi Elder, Ronald Wadsworth, later performed a Blue Corn Ceremony in 2016.  We have dedicated “The Bamboo Journey” to the trek the Ancestral Hopi’s made in their return to 3d reality to assist in the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity.

This property is considered Sacred Ground and it is our intention to keep

 these grounds as pure as possible, and have declared it a

 smoke free, alcohol free, and drug free facility. 

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