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Intutive Art Message ~ October 2019

Artful Personal Interpretation

By Jackie

October 2019

As I focus on the expansive view… my awareness is drawn to the bold white lines on the left. It is as though I am being pulled in this direction. The pure and bright feeling is clear and refreshing. The black background feels spacious and depicts emptiness. The size of the sun and red spiral pattern on lower right seem to be close in size and proportion. The blue star is in the center of the sun and the purple flower. There is a golden spiral unwinding from the center of the blue star and releasing parts of itself which runs through the left end of the red spiral. The arrow in the far left corner is pointing to spiritual eyes that are gazing on the purple flower. The word YES is written in the left hand corner about the highest white line.

The more expansive (outer) view is letting me know that everything is in Divine Order and that LIGHT is flowing in vibrational wave patterns upon its creation. The Sun is providing strength and vitality in proportion to primal earth energy (red spiral) unfolding deep within the Earth.

The detailed (inner) look shows the Earth/Human (Blue Star) radiating Love outward. (Golden spiral). As it does this, emotional energy (orange moon) is being released, depicted by the dotted lines (tears) that flow to the energetic pattern (red spiral). These emotional releases are being supported by the red spiral energy, as it appears to provide ‘legs’ for the Blue Star.

Summary: Humanity is well nurtured, supported, and cared for by the Galactic Realms while Earth/Humanity continues the process of Transformation and Ascension. We are to continually ‘look’ forward and allow the growth that has already occurred to inspire us.

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