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Intutive Art Message ~ May 2020

Intuitive Art Message

by David

May 2020

There are many ways to interpret this multidimensional painting:

1) “Meet you at the Crossroads” A Spiritual journey into the physical realm by Middle Eastern customs would be from right to left and move upwards. This could be represented by the earthly red clay road which starts from the bottom right and continues left and up to the “Crossroads”. Here you would have a major choice and decision to make and you would be assisted by Spiritual advisors. You could decide to reincarnate by turning left and then rejoin your quest for more wisdom gathering experiences, like “Self-Discovery” and “Self-Mastery”, by starting again near your beginning or you could continue onward and upward to other “Off-the-Charts” experiences. The movie “Defending Your Life” depicts this journey very well.

2) “Dreaming a new Divine Reality” Along your Human journey towards crossroad after crossroad, you take respites of night and day dreaming. This is where you more freely create encapsulated experiences to explore other dimensional realities. This is depicted in the painting by the flower looking expression starting near the beginning of the “Crossroad” journey and going off on its own little world. The movie “Vanilla Sky” is indicative of this dream state.

3) “The Observer” This position is represented by the four ghostlike forms of beings that are outside of the Crossroads and Dream states. These beings can influence humans in the other states of awareness by a still small voice as they are in a nearby or overlapping dimension. Sometimes they will appear on the Crossroads reality as semi-solid or in a real-like human form to communicate verbally or take physical action to assist that level of reality. The movie “The Adjustment Bureau” shows some concepts supporting this understanding.

4) “The Observers of the ‘Observers’ Position” This is the overseers of the “Observer” position which is represented by the gold flecks of sparkle that permeate all the other dimensional realities. It is easier for “The Observers” to feel the essence and communication from them however some humans in the dream or crossroads states, if they move to the Still Point, can also perceive this energy. The movie “The Thirteenth Floor” and “Star Trek Next Generation” series sheds light on this position.

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