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Intutive Art Message ~ November 2019

Intuitive Art Message for November 2019

Interpretation by Jackie

I am feeling Light and Playful as I gaze into the painting.

A spiritual air and sense of acceptance resides through the lavender background,

while the three triangular shapes denote manifestations or form.

The dark triangle represents areas of creation that involve darkness, karma, or unresolved emotions.

The turquoise triangle represents the emergent of a new creation,

a new form that is born of light, clarity, and truth.

The gold triangle pointing downward symbolizes the Light

which reveals promotes long held Truths to surface.

The green vibrational wave passing through the darker triangle

suggest that we walk through lightly to bring healing and balance and a path of transcendence.

The bold bright wavy white lines suggest these frequencies of Light

are encompassing the lower frequencies.


Healing is occurring as we transcend the ‘old ways of thinking and feeling’ by walking though them completely and lightheartedly. Suppressed emotions and hidden truths are being pushed out as Light replaces the dark manifestations .

Divine Order is revealed as we Trust the process

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