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Intutive Art Message by David-Oct 2019

Divine Spiritual Pictography

Interpreted by David/LE

(aka: #37 ‘Dear Cosmos’)

“What you FEEL is what you get!”

“They" which will be identified at the end of this interpretation, would like you to know that Jackie was diligent in allowing their Divine Spiritual Guidance to simplify what Sages and the Ancient Ones have been communicating to Humanity since the beginning of creation… ‘What you FEEL is what you get!’ and ‘You are not alone!’

OK… They want me to start from within the blue star which represents the Divine Human form dancing in the Pure Potential of the Void or Dark Matter. Within this Divine Human form is a FEELING that gives way to Thoughts (Logos) which spins a Golden Thread of Energy that seeks expression in the outer world. This is then communicated unseen as depicted by the dotted line reaching down and manifesting in an external substantial form. This form then peeks and unravels; matching the golden thought by way of an expanded red spiral that continues to grow exponentially. This is indicative of the methodology of creation from thought to physical reality. It is happening consciously and unconsciously within us all ALL the time throughout our eternal existence.

The sun represents the Prana energy which is the vitality or life-force that permeates all living things. It also has an eye on its creation as it is an integral part of everything physical. The purple flower represents the Divine Nature that supplies all remaining sustenance for the Human Physical growth. The orange crescent moon gives us a creative energetic backdrop of synchronized seasons for our emotional well being.

The eyes represent the unseen guidance from others (Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Organizations, Soul Family, Angels, Et’s) that are available to suggest or nudge us mentally into decisions that best serve our Spiritual Growth. Wherever we are… they are.

The wavy white lines of demarcation identify vibrational levels of existence whereby we are in an isolated field of almost infinite potentials. You could actually see that the lower field has a longer wavelength (Lower Vibration) while the upper field has a shorter wavelength (Higher Vibration). The space between the white wavy lines represents the ‘VEIL’ that separates our realities.

The red arrow at the bottom left represents the push to create which comes from Dark Energy and nudges Dark Matter to find a Divine Human from which to manifest through by tickling their thoughts with creative juice.

Lastly and appropriately so… is the ‘Guardian Alliance’ which is at the top left of the painting and it simply states ‘YES!’. This means it ‘All is On’ and it ‘All is Good’ and it ‘All is God’ and it ‘All Serves’. The authorship of this artful rendering and interpretation is known by many names; however it does represent members from EVERY Tribe, Race, Spiritual Group and Organization assisting Humanity and Gaia with its ascension programs.

So… to summarize all this… ‘What’s going on within us will be created and reflected in our outer world and it’s all Divinely here under the sun’”

Namaste – David Allison aka #37

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