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Artful Intuitive Messages


October 2019
September 2019

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Artful Intuitive Messages
by Jackie
 October 2019

 Following is anArtful Intuitive Messagefor this month with tips to assist you in  applying your Intuition to discover a personal message it has for You.  

I encourage you to share your messages by responding to this blog... 
and to have FUN with this!

    Gaze into this picture for an expansive view and become aware of any feelings...                   Become Aware of the background, shapes, space, colors, sizes, patterns, symmetry.

Artful Personal Interpretation by Jackie- Oct 2019

Artful Personal Interpretation
By Jackie
                                                                                 October 2019

As I focus on the expansive view… my awareness is drawn to the bold white lines on the left.  It is as though I am being pulled in this direction.  The pure and bright feeling is clear and refreshing.

Artful Personal Interpretation by David-Oct 2019

Divine Spiritual Pictography
Interpreted by David/LE
(aka: #37 ‘Dear Cosmos’)

“What you FEEL is what you get!”
“They" which will be identified at the end of this interpretation, would like you to know that Jackie was diligent in allowing their Divine Spiritual Guidance to simplify what Sages and the Ancient Ones have been communicating to Humanity since the beginning of creation… ‘What you FEEL is what you get!’ and ‘You are not alone!’
OK… They want me to start from within the blue star which represents the Divine Human form dancing in the Pure Potential of the Void or Dark Matter.
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