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                                           Retreat  Revelations

Re-Lax ~ Re-Juvenate   Re-Connect ~ Re-Align

Explore Embrace Expand Express  Your Human Soul & Divine Self

Within the Safety & Beauty of Mother Nature
Your Revelation Begins…
Design Your Revelation…
Choose one service from Column "A" and one from Column "B"
for a well-balanced full experience:

                    Column "A"                                            Column "B"

            Massage/Energy Balancing               Unveil Your Divine Plan  

            Detoxify Your Mind                              Discover/Integrate Divine Self

            Discover Your Passion                         Living in a 5D World

            Re-Defining YourSelf                            Experience The Quantum
Full descriptions of services are listed at the end of this page.

~ Your Revelation Experience Also Includes: ~

Journey Trails - Infinity Spa - Divine Vortex - And More

Would you prefer:  Campfire Dinner or Formal Dinner?

Would you prefer:  Tent, Cabin or Guest Room?

~ All Retreat Revelations begin at 10:00 am & end at 6:00 pm ~

Simple Retreat Experience
(Excludes "A" & "B")
Get away from it all and Experience it ALL ~

       Half Day: $37 (Tour of facilities, lunch and some 'Journeys' - 10-2pm or 2-6pm)
       Full Day: $77 (Tour of facilities, lunch, snacks, and most 'Journeys' - 10-6pm)
       Overnight: $137 (Full day, meals, 'tent, cabin, or guest room' - check out 11am)
       Two Day/One Night: $177 (Tour, meals, 'tent, cabin, or guest room' - check out 6pm)

~ ONE-TLC Practitioners 50% discount on all retreats ~

Full Retreat Revelation Experience

If I hear it I might forget it...  If I see it I may remember it... 
If I Experience it...  I Will Know it!

Includes your choice: One from Column "A" and One from Column "B"
    Full Day: $177 Couple $277 (Tour of facilities, lunch, snacks, and most 'Journeys' - 10-6pm)
    Two Day/One Night: $277 Couple $377 (Tour, meals, journeys, 'tent, cabin, or guest room)

~ ONE-TLC Practitioners 50% discount on all retreats ~

($37.00 Deposit (non-refundable) Reserves Your Journey)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Services offered during all Retreats:

Column "A"

Massage/Energy Balancing ~

Would you like to relax and commune with your body?
Is your body trying to communicate with you?  
 You can choose between a Swedish Relaxation Massage
 or an Integrative Energy Balancing Session. 
Works well with a Discover/integrate Divine Self Session from column B.

~ Detoxify Your Mind ~

Is your mind full, stressed, or cluttered? 
Experience this Energetic session which focuses on
specific reflex points within the cranial area to dissipate
the electrical charge of polarity that is stored within the brain. 
Experience greater awareness and the capacity
to facilitate change in all areas of your life.

~ Discover Your Passion~

What if you could create the life you truly desire...  would you? 
Engaging in specific experiential activities will provide you with
understanding, clarity, and insight. 
Unique & specific tools will guide you into living your life in 
Authentic JOY.
~ Re-Defining YourSelf ~

Do you feel out of alignment or balance with Life? 
After determining which Light/Frequencies & qualities will bring you 
into alignment & balance, the Masters of the 12 Rays of Light 
will assist in deepening these Vibration Attributes within your Being 
during a personal Guided Meditation Experience.

Column "B"

                                      ~ Unveil Your Divine Plan ~
Were you aware that You had a Divine Meeting prior to your birth 
where you chose all the major events & experiences You had & will have?  
Did you know that You can renegotiate them?  
Would You like to?

~ Discover/Integrate Divine Self ~

Are you curious enough to discover 
one or more of Your Spiritual Aspects  comprising Your-Divine-Self
Do you know who They are, why They are here and what They truly desire?  
Do you know where They came from, when They joined with You and 
what Y'ALL plan to achieve next?

~ Living in a 5D World ~

You just awoke today in Heaven… Now What?
What do you do in a non-dualistic world where
everyone is perfect as they are?
You can live as long as you like… so...
what would you change and what would you do?  

Experience The Quantum ~

Going from “Here” to the “Here-and-Now” and “Then…”
Experience all seven stages of Your Creational Levels from
Environment thru Beliefs to "I AM ONEness" and back to Your New Self.
This modality will enable you to move into the Void and then
embrace Your New Creational Levels effortlessly.

All services are customized to meet individual needs
($77 - approximately 90 minutes)

Inquire/Reserve Today: 979-278-3360 or

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