The Carmine Connection - A natural alternative to health & healing.


ONE-TLC Experiential Journeys

Nature is a wonderful teacher and healer that provides opportunities
to see the beauty in life through its many different lifeforms. 
It is through our connection to Nature and Mother Earth
that we learn to Love ourselves and 'Experience'
the authentic feeling of safety to
BE  Our Divine
“I AM”

If I hear it I might forget it...  If I see it I may remember it...
If I Experience it...  I Will Know it!

 Journeys can be experienced alone or with a guide/guidance. 

Make a Wish Journey  

Walk this path to Receive Clarity
with an issue, decision or desire.
Discover changes that you can make.
Then Experience Your Desired Outcome.

                                          Bamboo Journey

A wonderful short Journey into the Magic
of the bamboo and connecting with the trek the Ancestral Hopi’s made in their return to 3d reality to assist in the Ascension
of Mother Earth and Humanity.

Stone Journey

Walk this path to Discover and Connect
with the energy of the stones to
Receive Information and Insights
pertaining to queries you may have
Worthy of Reflection.

 Connecting with the Fairies
      You’ll Feel the Love held for all of humanity
by enJOYing tea with the Fairies. 
You’re welcome to experience fun & frolicking with every deLIGHTful feeling as you're
being Entertained by the Elementals.

Divine Vortex

Nestled in the trees...
Take in the Picturesque Expression
of Mother Nature on the seventh step
of the ascension vortex as
Your World Slowly Unwinds to a STOP into the
                              ... ‘NOW’ …

I AM Circle  
This is a meeting place where “Interdimensional Ascended Masters”
(I AM’s) meet and communicate telepathically with whomever arrives to ask. 
There's ALLways one available to
Respond to your Questions.  

Infinity Spa

Experience a Relaxing Therapeutic spa
with tranquil music that soothes your soul
while enjoying a visual representation of
Infinite  Dimensional  Realities
that embraces your expansiveness.

Upper Room

This secluded spot high above the earth
is a private meditation platform where Angels
and guides arrive to converse with you.
It's a great place to make plans and discuss
Your Now Living Potentials.

Silent Retreat
This is an overnight Journey of  Connecting with the Stillness of Self. 
Embedding yourself in nature for an extended experience will offer you
the opportunity to Embrace Your Divine Essence and then
Emerge with Renewed Passion, Creativity and Joy.

 Bed & Breakfast

Sleep Cozy and Comfortable in our guest room and enjoy a
Quiet & Restful Get - Away - From - It - ALL Experience. 
Awaken to morning opportunities to Explore Nature
while sipping your favorite beverage. 
Then Enjoy a Scrumptious Breakfast
made especially for you.

Movie with a Message

Choose from many Enlightening and Mind-Expanding Movies
from our private collection.  Then have an opportunity to
Discuss the Deeper Meanings and explore the allegories
and Messages they can Reveal for You.

 The 'COSMOS' Beckons 

The above Journeys help you re-connect and receive wisdom
and blessings through experiential opportunities that will provide expanded awareness and heightened perceptions of You.  They are designed to take you deeper into the discovery of your 'Inner Truth' and 'Divine Nature' thereby preparing 'Your Expansion' for The JOurneY hOMe.

The Journey hOMe 

This guided trek takes you through Seven Dimensional Gates
to Higher Realms with reviews of where you’ve been
and  insights  to  know  what  lies  ahead.
This prepares you for receiving your
Passport to the Cosmos

(This is a Guided Journey)

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