The Carmine Connection - A natural alternative to health & healing.

Free Monthly Open House 
for Soul/Star Family Gatherings

 Gatherings are cancelled due to governmental mandatory guidelines.: 

 First Sunday of every Month:  12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Join us in the Galactic Soul/Star Family Meeting Area, to meet with your Soul/Star Spiritual Aspects; Anunnaki, Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian for personal Discovery and Enlightenment.  There's more than 200 Divine Spiritual Beings/ET's/Energies assisting us with our individual and collective Soul Growth and Evolution.  How often do you converse or commune with them?
We invite you to join us in this Opportunity to expand Conscious Awareness in NEW ways.  

                                   Potluck:                             12:00  - 1:00 

                                   Orientation                         1:00  - 2:00 

                                   Galactic Meeting Area     2:00 -  5:00              

                                   Closing                                5:00 -  6:00

4215 Bascome Lane, Carmine, Texas 78932        979-278-3360

Please RSVP:

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Our Story:

David & Jackie joined as One in a Spiritual Wedding Ceremony on July 25th, 2015 within the Creative Heart.  We followed Spiritual Guidance in choosing this day as it is the “Day out of Time” in the Mayan teachings.  
It is a day when we are encouraged to step out of  normal definitions of time and consider " Time as ART " as a Creative Experience & Expression.

On this day WE invited our Ancestors, Soul/Star Families, Human Friends, Galactic Friends, Mother Earth (Plant, Animal, & Mineral Kingdoms), and ALL of LIFE to join with US in Spirit to EXPERIENCE this union of ONENESS.  We both experienced our Ancestors presence and understood that it was now possible for deeper Connections, Healing, & Expansions of Consciousness to occur. 
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