The Carmine Connection - A natural alternative to health & healing.

Donations & Contributions
We are doing what we love to do and it is our wish 
that ALL may have the opportunity to receive. 

Your generosity provides further opportunities for Yourself and Others.

The Carmine Connection and ONE-TLC appreciates 
all donations and contributions.  

100% is utilized for the continued development of the 
ONE-TLC Center and Facilities.

     Wood Fence Repair     
Prana Sunbathing Area
Journey Trail Enhancements
Enrichment Center Development
Interdimensional Meeting Areas for the: 
Anunnaki, Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian Races 

       (Resources - Labor - Financial Support - All Appreciated)
Thank You - Blessings and Namaste
What is a Guided Contribution?

A guided contribution is where you pray, meditate or channel from your God, Higher Self, or Guides... a monetary amount that you should contribute.
How do you do it? 

You just ask Yourself (pray, meditate or intuit) for a number (dollar amount) that you should contribute.

 What will happen?

You will receive (intuit) a number (dollar amount) in the way that you do.  It will be clear, concise and attainable.  It may be comfortable or a bit of a stretch however it will be possible.

Then What?

If it feels Light & Joyful... take immediate action.  Contribute the amount with Love and Gratitude that you were given the ability and means for the Divine offering.


Do not give a dollar more or a dollar less than the amount you received and feel Light & Joyful about.

Thank You for your Love & Support!
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