The Carmine Connection - A natural alternative to health & healing.

   Donations & Contributions
The Carmine Connection and ONE-TLC appreciate all donations and contributions for the continued development of the Center & Facilities.
We are doing what we love to do and it is our wish that ALL may receive…

Your generosity provides further opportunities for Yourself and Others.
Thank You - Blessings and Namaste
What is a Guided Contribution?

A guided contribution is where you pray, meditate or channel from your God, Higher Self, or Guides... a monetary amount that you should contribute.
How do you do it? 

You just ask Yourself (pray, meditate or intuit) for a number (dollar amount) that you should contribute.

 What will happen?

You will receive (intuit) a number (dollar amount) in the way that you do.  It will be clear, concise and attainable.  It may be comfortable or a bit of a stretch however it will be possible.

Then What?

If it feels Light & Joyful... take immediate action.  Contribute the amount with love and gratitude that you were given the ability and means for the Divine offering.


Do not give a dollar more or a dollar less than the amount you received and feel Light & Joyful about.

Thank You for your Love & Support!
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